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Comtrad sourcing - Our invenstment, your advantage

We finance the development of your part or product until it fits your specifications. Not every customer comes to us with the perfect plan. We alleviate some of the financial burden through investing in the development of your part or product for you, from concept to development.

Comtrad multi source sourcing

Comtrad Strategic Sourcing has established an incredibly broad network of contacts and multi sourcing partnerships with over 50 manufacturers, primarily in China, Taiwan and some other regions of Asia.

Comtrad sourcing and transportation logistics company

Big Picture Sourcing is our term for doing more than just original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sourcing. Comtrad Strategic Sourcing doesn’t just find what you need; we can develop, source, store, transport and distribute it too.
Comtrad Sourcing Strategic Sourcing and transportation logistics company
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