From idea to distribution, We source the  THE BIG PICTURE


You don’t need a part... you need a partner

Big Picture Sourcing™ is our term for doing more than just original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sourcing; it is about developing a sourcing strategy from idea to distribution across a wide range of OEM manufacturing disciplines. Comtrad Strategic Sourcing doesn’t just find what you need; we develop, source, transport and distribute it as well. It's what we’ve been doing in China since 1977, long before the rest of the world discovered what Asian manufacturing had to offer.

Almost forty years of looking closely at sourcing and manufacturing in China, Taiwan and the rest of Asia has taught us how to see the Big Picture. We see that sourcing is more complicated than simply finding those manufacturers who can deliver your high quality part or product at a more cost-effective price or in greater quantities.

Sourcing is just part of the BIG PICTURE

You also need R&D. That means sketches, blueprints, maybe even tooling. You not only need to source but you also need to transport and clear customs as well. You’ll also most likely need to store and distribute your part or product. Comtrad Strategic Sourcing can help you every step of the way.

With Comtrad Strategic Sourcing, you get the advantage of an experienced, strategically focused sourcing operation. One that believes sourcing isn’t just about making something; it’s about being able to dedicate our resources to you and become your OEM sourcing partner throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final distribution. Plus, we guarantee that any quality issues will be dealt with by us.

Partnering with the BIG PICTURE

There are several reasons why a company looks to outsource manufacturing to China or elsewhere in Asia. Having one single point of contact across every stage of the process is the easiest way to delegate responsibility, track performance and focus on what you do best. Throughout the sourcing process, every company usually shares one or more of the following needs:
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